Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pasta Oglio e Ugly

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From Mamafami's fp
Ingredients :

5 - 10 garlic ~ chopped
1 onion ~ diced
Bird eye chillie ~ pounded (optional) -->i omit this one..mane la nk cari dekat sinih
Green, Yellow and Red Capsicums ~ diced
Prawns ~ shelled, deveined and washed
Squid ~ cleaned and cut into rings
Black pepper ~ crushed
Spiral pasta ~ cooked al dente
Corriander leaves ~ chopped -->substituted with daun saderi
Salt to taste
Zeal ~ optional
Olive oil

Method :
  • Heat olive oil in a wok and saute chopped garlic, diced onion and pounded chillie till fragrant.
  • Add in crushed black pepper.
  • Add in the prawns and squid and mix well a few minutes.
  • Add in salt, zeal and the diced capsicums.
  • Add in the spiral pasta.
  • And finally the chopped corriander.